Thursday, February 18, 2016

Facebook Audience Network Ad Approval


I've been working on integrating Facebook Audience Network ads.    Before going "live", Facebook says that they have to approve the ad placement - they say this approval is initiated automatically when you've had 5 successful test ads and that the approval takes 2-3 business days.

In my case, I displayed some test ads on the simulator, and also on a device.  They tell you to use the API and register the device with a hash code they provide.

After almost a week, I hadn't heard anything from Facebook and was wondering what was going on.  After doing some online research, I found a discussion that suggested that the number of impressions was important.

I reran the app - this time with it running on a local device connected to Xcode.  On each refresh, it would write  [FBAudienceNetworkLog/FBAdUtility:396] Impression is logged (displayed for test ads only)  to the console. 

I let it go for a few minutes until there were at least five of these impressions.

Then, to my surprise, less than a minute or two later, I received a Facebook alert saying that the app had been approved.

I had a second app that I repeated the process with.  Again, after just a few minutes, the app was approved for ads.

*** Update 3/28 ***

Okay, after doing a few more apps, it seems that Facebook has changed the process such that they just automatically review apps after a few days.    I'm guessing that the number of impressions still matters, but it seems disassociated from when they actually review. 


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