Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Venting on the iOS8 iTunesConnect

I've had a few app updates in the queue for about 10 days now.  I put them in before the big itunesconnect UI change.  One of them was finally reviewed but rejected yesterday for crashing after startup.  Naturally, I can't reproduce the error but with the given crash logs I tweaked some code and resubmitted.

Then I went into iTunesConnect and could not find my binary.  Ah, wait - it's here under "Prereleases".  It says that it is "processing".  It's already been validated.  "Processing"?   What can it possibly be doing?  Theories abound:
  1. Each byte is meticulously separated and dropped into a "bit bucket" which then tips over and causes a matchbox car to go down a ramp, triggering a fan, which expands a small red balloon, thus delighting the children of Apple employees.
  2. The binary is transmitted to CIA for insertion of  top secret code which turns my flashcard app into a Morse code messenger for international spies.
  3. It's standing in the TSA line at Denver International Airport.
After some quick Goog research I find out that we have to wait for the "processing" step to finish before we can do anything else.

So, six hours later, the sprinkled unicorn dust finally settles on the build and it is done "processing".    Unfortunately, this occurs at 2AM, and like all good developers, I'm in bed, dreaming of a better world where these fancy, newfangled computer thingies are smart enough to sheperd a binary through the process all by itself.

In the "Prereleases" list, my newly blessed magical "processed" binary shows a little   !  in a box with no explanation.   Clicking/Hovering over it makes no difference.     Is it tired? Unhappy?

I add the binary to the app record, and go to subm -  ah, no.  Requires a "Save" first, then I can resubmit.   Because, you know, I might want to add a build and then get a sandwich before attempting that last, exhausting, tap-the-submit-button step.

I have three other apps "Waiting For Review" that are not even showing up in the app list as that status.   Another one that says it's "Waiting For Review" but it was actually approved before the UI change.    Yay! There are no rules!  Pick your own status!

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