Friday, June 15, 2012

Add Localized Help Files Maintaining Subfolder Hierarchy in XCode 4

One of my projects has localized help files for the app.  When the help was originally designed, it was put into subfolders for major help topics.  That didn't really cause any problems until I migrated it into XCode 4.  There it took a little bit of experimentation before I figured it out.

Basically I had to
  1. Click on the target
  2. Select File->Add Files to...
  3. Add the en.lproj/help directory and then make sure to Create folder references for any added folders
  4. Then, select the newly created blue help item in the project navigator and then click on the File->Add Files to.. for the other languages (e.g., es.lproj/help) etc.  If you try to do this by clicking on the target first (instead of the help item in the navigator) it'll cause a compiler error since it (apparently) tries to overwrite the subdirectories

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